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From Dust Creative Arts offers creative programs in rural and indigenous communities and schools in the Pilbara region. It’s our belief that the arts are an integral part of a child’s growth and development and it is our mandate to take the arts into areas that do not currently have access to such programs. The arts benefit children, youth and adults alike; giving each participant an opportunity to express themselves, share their stories and give voice to their ideas in a creative way. Creative arts also help individuals develop confidence, self-acceptance and identity as well as providing a pleasurable experience. From Dust Creative Arts is committed to providing the best quality dance classes in a safe, friendly and professional environment. 



We are committed to providing high quality programs in remote and rural areas.

We are passionate about the arts and all the benefits the arts bring.
We care about childhood and adulthood development and bring growth to both the bodies and minds of all of our students.

We love to dance and to share that love with our students!

We embrace all ages and all abilities; creating an inclusive environment is of upmost importance.

We stand for continual growth; as teachers, as students, as role models.

We promise to be a long term arts education institution in the Pilbara.

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