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Our Creative Dance programs are tailored to suit each school’s needs and embark on introducing students to dance techniques whilst focussing on each individual student’s unique creativity. From Dust Creative Arts delivers both short and long term programs from one day workshops to year-long programs integrated into the student’s education. All content is developed in line with the current Western Australian Education curriculum.

Primary Schools Focus

Introduction to contemporary, ballet and hip hop styles incorporating lessons in musicality, shape and space with a focus on fostering each individual’s creativity. Themes may be chosen in line with other curriculum subjects. Performance outcomes optional.

Secondary Schools Focus

Physical Education Dance Unit – Providing a hip hop based dance unit in line with the requirements of the Year 7 and 8 Physical Education subject. Class consists of a warm up, introduction to hip hop dance techniques and choreography is taught. Students are then given the task of creating their own dance.

Specialist Dance Education – Suitable for all dance units for Year 9 – 12. Dance class given in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary or hip hop. Focus on developing technique in the specific style as a dance is taught over the term in line with the curriculum.

Extra – Curricular Dance

Dance classes in a chosen style; contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap and ballet; delivered year round during lunch times or after school. Technique developed in the chosen style(s) and performance outcomes achieved.

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